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May 2015


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I am working on publishing my gdvdslides video slideshow program. I hope to have it all done and uploaded here by this Saturday, when I will be demoing the program at the Spokane Linuxfest. The Linuxfest will be held at Spokane Falls Community College in Spokane.

I showed my '52 Plymouth at the Street Tin Car Show on Sunday. They have now outgrown their space and will be looking for a new venue. At least 5 or 6 Phuddy Duddy Cruisers won awards at the show. I really enjoyed it.

On Monday, I went to the cruise-in at Paul Bunyons and there were 34 cars there. The classic car stuff is starting to heat up, along with the weather.

Silly sign of the day:

Free/Open Source Software

Security Theater/"Intellectual Property"