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October 2015


Sunday, 4 October 2015

On Saturday, some of the Phuddy Duddy Cruisers car club went on a cruise. We went from Coeur d'Alene north to Sagle, ID, then east 12 miles to the Bird Museum.

The Bird Museum is an ecelectic collection of cars, planes and inventors gadgets. Forrest Bird, who died a couple of weeks ago at age 94, was an inventor and aviator. He created a respirator that did away with iron lungs and saved many premature babies from death. The museum focuses on things that have improved the lives of people.

The drive was very enjoyable, except for a spot of high wind on the way up to the museum. We took a roundabout way back to Athol, ID, where we had lunch. We split up there to go to our various homes. You can see some pictures of the cruise at the Phuddy Duddy web site. Total mileage for the cruise from/to my house was 110 miles.

I am slowly removing the chrome off of my '49 Plymouth. The pieces I have removed so far are those that need work or re-chroming, and I have taken them over to Spokane Metal Finishing to be restored.

I need to fill in some holes in the fenders where some idiot used sheet metal screws to hold some of the stainless steel trim on the fenders. That trim is part of what I took over to be restored. They will weld the screw holes shut and fix all the crinkles in the trim.

On the way back from Spokane Metal Finishers, I stopped by a place called Fasteners, where I got some of the fasteners that hold the trim onto the fenders.

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