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March 2015


Monday, 2 March 2015

It is now March, so I am going to produce the version 2 release of the cookbook. I have been updating the base version of the cookbook each time new recipes appear on the web site, so it should not be a big task to produce the PDF and EPUB versions of the document. There will be over 1,200 recipes in over 600 pages of text.

I started to add some extra functionality to the hours/minutes/seconds calculator, but I got lost in the convoluted way I originally wrote the thing. So I decided to write the program over again and base it on Reverse Polish Notation (instead of algebraic notation), which is my prefered calculator type. I spent a day and a half creating the program, and here is what it looks like.


RPN is much, much easier to implement than algebraic notation, believe me. Either that, or I learned a lot more about programming in 20 years. This version of the calculator even handles negative values and values greater than 24 hours. Since the program is complete, I am now going back and documenting the source code, as well as adding some help to the program itself.

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