Friday, 10 May, 2013

I have re-installed Linux Mint 13 on my laptop. Before I did that, I backed up all the files I wanted from my home directory onto a USB drive. Then when I installed, I re-formatted the home directory. Finally, I copied the files back onto the laptop.

After that, I updated the O/S (567 packages updated) and re-installed a bunch of programs that I use every day. I still have a couple of programs to go with that.


I’ve got to find a better way to take macro pictures. This picture just doesn’t bring out the true beauty of the stones, but here is what I’ve got so far.

There are two mahogany obsidian cabochons in there that look very nice, if lit properly. After I took the picture, I did another 30 x 40 mm cabochon out of mahogany obsidian.

I have decided to build a light box to solve my macro photography problem. That will provide me with an area with intense diffuse light so I won’t get that flash glare on the pieces. I have all the material to construct the box, but I need to get three lights and some white translucent material for the walls.


Silly sign of the day:


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