Wednesday, 13 February, 2013

I am still devoting most of my days converting the cookbook to EPUB format. I have gotten through 64% of the cookbook. I am now in the Poultry section, which seems to be even larger than the Meat section was. It also has more pictures.


I was listening to a Linux podcast over the weekend and they happened to mention Handbrake as a way to convert between video formats. I downloaded and installed Handbrake to see if it could convert from an ISO image to an MP4 file. It turns out that it does a nifty job of that. One video I backed up went from an 8.3GB ISO file to a 624MB MP4. I have done quite a few conversions now, and the file compression ranges from 3 times to 13 times.

If a video backup includes a bunch of extras, those will not be converted. That doesn’t bother me, since I don’t usually look at those anyway. If I need to, I have the original DVDs with the extras on them.


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