Thursday, 7 February, 2013

I got the battery in my Honda Hybrid replaced yesterday. The check engine light and the IMA light are no longer on, so that’s a good thing. It cost me nothing, so that’s a very good thing. It turns out my estimate of $1,000 for the repair was a tad low. The estimated cost for the battery is in the neighborhood of $4,000 and total cost would have been about $5,000. So, I give many thanks to Honda for stepping up to this. If I ever buy another new car, I will definitely look at Hondas again.


I have gotten a request for an EPUB version of the cookbook I did for the web site. I will be spending the next however-many days converting the cookbook over from a LibreOffice document to an EPUB document. Right now, I am currently working on the Side Dishes section of the EPUB document.


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