Thursday, 1 November, 2012

I changed the tires over to snow tires on both the Honda and the Dodge. The Honda was easy, as I do that every year. The Dodge hasn’t had snow tires on it for at least four years, and that’s also how long the regular tires have been on the car. The way the rims are set up, that makes it very hard to get the tires cinched down to where they should be. I’m going to run them a couple of days and then check to see they are actually as tight as they should be.


I found a video on that is really good. It’s a student film called “To Know a Jedi”. The acting is a bit cheesy, but the premise is very good. There is a lot of cussing in the video, though. If it was rated, it would be an “R” for language. It’s a great shame that the writer/producer/director of the film was killed in an auto accident not long after it was filmed.


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