Tuesday, 30 October, 2012

I went over to Irv’s Rock Shop and picked up their used Lortone model 33B-NR dual-barrel tumbler for $25 (it lists new for $136). The tumbler motor and rollers were frozen, but I was primarily interested in the pulleys, as they are the perfect size for the belt I am using on my Harbor Freight tumbler. I figured I could remove the pulleys from the Lortone and use them in the Harbor Freight tumbler.

In order to get the pulleys out, I removed the motor from the Lortone. Then, just for grins, I disassembled the motor to see if I could free it up. I oiled the bearings, put it back together and it now works like a charm. I oiled the rollers on the Lortone and got them working, too. So instead of using the Lortone for parts, I am now using it as a replacement for the cheap Harbor Freight tumbler.


I have decided to reorganize the images section of this blog. As a reader, you should see no changes. As a maintainer, I should be able to more easily add and edit images. So that’s a win for me. 8-)


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