Wednesday, 18 April, 2012

I took my Plymouth over to Spokane yesterday to get an accurate quote on a paint job. I got the quote and it looks good. I will have to remove a lot of the chrome myself, as they don’t do that kind of thing. They mask and paint around anything like that which is still on the car.

After getting the quote, I got in the car and attempted to back out of the parking place. I was unable to get the car into reverse gear. Luckily, The parking place was not flat and I could let the car coast back. When I got home, I checked out the problem, and I think I have a linkage problem. I can eventually get it into reverse, if I try hard enough. I really need a local mechanic who works on old cars to fix these little things for me. My normal mechanic is reluctant to work on the car and it still needs new springs.


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