Tuesday, 10 April, 2012

I worked on the North Idaho Linux Users Group talk yesterday. I have a lot of information to impart, and it takes quite a bit of time to organize it so I can present it properly. I am still working on the choosing section, and the installation section will be just as hard.


I did a dump run yesterday. I was lucky, as they are closing the access road to the transfer station for construction, and I would have had to go a different route than I usually do. As it was, I just ignored their ‘road closed’ sign, as it was obviously not closed.

After the dump run, I went to the local materials place and got a truck load of crushed asphalt. That place is not more than 1/2 mile from the transfer station, but much harder to get to now than it was in the past. They are installing frontage roads all along highway 95, and are closing the direct access routes. So I had to go a mile south on 95 to get to the access road, then go back a mile to get the asphalt. And if I had gone home the way I got there, it would have been another mile to 95, then a mile and a half to Garwood to get home. As it was, I went home the front way – Lancaster road, which is under construction. Some fun.

I used the crushed asphalt to fill some of the pot holes in my driveway, but I could not fill them all, as they still have water in them. I will be doing that today, as a lot of the water should be gone by today. It will get up to 69° F today, so it will be a nice thing to do some work outside.


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