Monday, 7 November, 2011

I’m pushing as hard as I can on the soccer program. I have done a bunch of work on it over the weekend. It was not as near completion as I thought. There is still a lot to do in the help area, and there are some things I thought I had hooked up that aren’t.

By writing a test plan, I am testing parts of the program I would ordinarily not have touched. That’s a good thing, as it shows me exactly what is buggy and what needs to be completed. I will work on it all day today, as I have a meeting with the other principles of the program on Tuesday morning.


I took a big chunk out of my thumb on Saturday, making that Cream of Wild Rice soup. Here’s a hint: always use the food pusher when pushing food through a mandolin. Especially a quality one like I have. I gonna have trouble getting the gauze off of the wound when it comes time to do that. Too much soaked in blood. 8-(


I believe that the TV show Bones has jumped the shark. This year began with Bones pregnant with Booth’s baby. That has to completely change the dynamic between the two characters, and that dynamic has defined the tone of the show from the outset. I guess all good things eventually have to come to an end.


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