Thursday, 15 September, 2011

The physical changes at work have screwed up our work. Normally, I would have no trouble creating a virtual machine with Debian and our security manager on it. I actually did get one created and updated, but I am having trouble looking at the results with a Console on my workstation. It’s completely frustrating. It may be a result of the ESX server meltdown and its re-establishment in a different physical location, but I don’t know that for sure. I was also having trouble last week trying to talk to my own workstation from a VM. It kept locking out my account. I cannot tell you how much I hate Windows.

At any rate, I will have to get the server/workstation combination working so I can do some testing. The testing involves running different versions of the Console against different versions of the server, so it is not exactly straightforward.


The temperature finally dipped below 90° F yesterday. We are now heading towards 70 degree weather, which is more in keeping with Fall. What we need now is some rain to go along with the temperature dip.

This also means I have to finish up a bunch of outdoor chores. I just need some motivation to do them, and evenings that aren’t nearly as hot as they were.


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