Friday, 20 May, 2011

I find myself in the exact same position as I was last year at this time. Lost in The 50’s starts today, and I want to go to that car show tomorrow. My problem is I should be working tomorrow to be finishing up the software changes which are due Monday morning. The changes are a re-write of the software I did last year at this time, changing it to be more efficient to to improve performance.

I think I will go to the car show, then check in to see if I am needed to help with finalizing the new code. I may have to work on Sunday, but I’m going to take Saturday morning for myself.


My 1952 Plymouth originally came with U.S. measurement tires: 6.50X15. We have since then gone to measuring our tires in metric measurements. I have done an extensive search on the Internet to determine what metric size would come closest to that, so the speedometer will accurately indicate my speed. I have found that 195/75R15 tires are the exact thing I need. They are 1.2″ wider than the stock tires, but they are the exact same diameter.

The tires currently on the car are 235/75R15, which are 2.8″ wider and 2.4 ” greater in diameter. They are just wrong, and will cause the odometer and speedometer to indicate incorrect values. They also fill up the wheel wells so much there is danger of rubbing when I turn a corner.

The problem with this analysis is that 195/75R15 tires are not your normal sized tires. I will have to order them on the Internet. They are $128 a piece and the tubes (remember tubes?) are $27 a piece. Whew.


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