Wednesday, 13 October, 2010

I installed Drupal on the North Idaho Mineral Club web site last night. I was unable to configure it, though. It seems that you have to have a real domain name in order to create a new database for use with Drupal. Right now, we are waiting on those laggard 1 & 1 jerks to finish transferring the domain, so we can finish setting up the web site.

Since I couldn’t finish the Drupal install, I switched back to working on the soccer program. I am still working on the word processor. I want to get it exactly right, so there are no complaints about it. To be honest, I needed some distance from the last time I went through all the dialogs to verify they were all working correctly. I haven’t done that since I changed compilers, so it definitely needs doing.


My new phone showed up last night. It’s nice, but not a big change from the old flip phone. I guess there is no new thing under the sun, eh? 8-)


Silly sign of the day:


Free/Open Source Software


“It’s Mine, and You Have to Pay (and Pay and Pay) For It”


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