Thursday, 7 October, 2010

I spent most of last night re-typing the glossary of soccer terms, so I can display it in the soccer program. I had to retype it instead of copying and pasting, as the way it was incorporated into the old program’s help file prevented me from copying. The glossary is now a web page in the new help system, so I have finished that part.


I am also in the middle of moving the North Idaho Mineral Club web site to a new web host. The old host, 1 & 1, really, really sucks. We had the domain name registered through them, as well as their hosting our web site. When we canceled the hosting part, they also canceled the domain registration. The reason we are moving in the first place is that they don’t allow content management systems to be installed. They kind of act like the Microsoft of web hosts; you know – “we know better than you what you want to do”. If they’re trying to be user friendly, they have failed miserably.

I spent another part of last night trying to straighten out their screw-up. I will have to finish that this morning. I’m just going to transfer the domain to a reasonable domain registrar, if I can. At this point, anything is possible.


Silly sign of the day:


Free/Open Source Software


“It’s Mine, and You Have to Pay (and Pay and Pay) For It”


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