Monday, 13 September, 2010

My talk on Saturday about how to install and configure Drupal went fairly well. I’m afraid there was too much in the talk about file permissions and ownership, but that was a consequence of doing an install on a local web server.

The talk and its results prompted me to look into doing the actual install to replace the North Idaho Mineral Club web site. I installed it, set up a database and ran the install script. It was then I discovered that the web host, 1 And 1, had everything so locked down that I was not really allowed to install a content management system. I will talk to the powers that be and try to persuade them to change web hosts to one that doesn’t act like the KGB.


I also got more chores done over the weekend. I had to replace a head lamp in my Stealth, and that was a real voyage of discovery. That kind of thing is easy to do on my pickup, but the Stealth replacement meant practically taking apart the whole headlight assembly. Some fun.

I also finished replacing a running light on my teardrop trailer with an LED lamp. I found a much easier way to do that than with the first light I replaced. I have 2 more to replace, then I will look at replacing the tail lights.

I worked on the soccer program, but I discovered several things about it. First, I think I will have to save dates as strings in the database. The date components I have do not play well with the 21st century, for some reason. Second, I will have to find a way to iterate through a range of dates, so I can populate the practice sessions table. That may very well be a big challenge for me, as the version of Delphi I am using doesn’t have functions to do that.


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