Friday, 14 May, 2010

I found the database program I used to extract information from the Delphi program’s database. It was on a hard drive that was mounted on one of my systems, but was not mounted in the VM I was using to look for the program. Both of those items are Windows 2000, and I thought I had set up so that disk would be mounted. Obviously, it wasn’t.

Now all I have to do is create some SQL statements that will create the tables. For that, I need to examine the structure of the old database and create that structure in the new one. That should not be too hard. The hard part will be finding the time this weekend to do this.


This will be a busy weekend. The Rathdrum Dutch oven workshop will happen on Saturday and will basically be an all-day affair. Lost in the 50’s up in Sandpoint starts today and continues through Sunday. I plan to go up there on Sunday. So that pretty much takes care of the weekend.


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“It’s Mine, and You Have to Pay (and Pay and Pay) For It”


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