Friday, 30 April, 2010

I went against my own advice and downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx last night. I used a Belgian download site to do it, since it was 3am there and I figured the traffic would be lighter. It took a couple of hours to download the ISO image, and I burned a CD from it this morning. I will create a VM from the disk today. Over the weekend I will install it on my laptop.


There is supposed to be a Dutch oven workshop in Rathdrum tomorrow, timed to coincide with the seasonal opening of the Farmer’s Market there. I say ‘supposed’ because I volunteered for it several months ago and I have heard nothing about it since. I will pack up all my Dutch ovens and go over there, hoping I am welcome.


I am planning an update to gdvdslides, but it will take a while. I hope to include all the logic in dvd-slideshow within gdvdslides, so that script will no longer be a prerequisite for running gdvdslides. I also plan to ‘normalize’ the program, so it will look more like a Gnome application.


Silly sign of the day:


Free/Open Source Software


“It’s Mine, and You Have to Pay (and Pay and Pay) For It”


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