Friday, 5 March, 2010

I discovered that the latest version of MonoDevelop has the stetic window designer built into it. This is a very good thing. It will allow me yet another way to create open source programs without using commercial software.

I played around with MonoDevelop yesterday and have an idea of what it would take to convert gdvdslides over to C#. There is a major difference in the way that stetic lays out controls in windows, though. You have to use containers to lay out the controls, and sometimes it requires a lot of containers. In Lazarus, the layout is static and you can anchor the control to any of the four edges of a window, so the Lazarus controls can act just like the ones laid out with stetic.

Another major difference is how events are connected. I haven’t played with that yet, but I expect it to conform to the ‘signals’ and ‘sinks’ method used by the underlying GTK library.

My ebook reader quit completely on me yesterday. Again. I will be looking into a real ebook reader. In the meantime, if you entertain thoughts of purchasing a Cooler reader, my advice is don’t do it.

So, mail delivery has gone from twice daily, seven days a week, down to once a day, 5 days a week. The more days you eliminate from delivery, the more money will be saved, so why not three days a week, or even two days? This is a typical solution to a problem caused by a government-run business. This is what always happens when government is involved in business. Got that, GM? AIG?

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