Tuesday, 17 November, 2009

I am still working on the documentation for gdvdslides. It is slow work to completely document the actions of each control in a program. And after I do that, I have a tutorial to write, too. At least it kept me from recompiling the program last night. 8-)

If you want to get an eBook reader, don’t get the Cooler Reader. The device is nice and works well, until it breaks and you have to get it fixed. I sent it back to be fixed and they have had it for over three months. I send them emails and they say they will ship it. I don’t believe that. I believe they took my $250 and ran. I also believe I will have to take action to attempt to get my money back.

Too bad. It’s the only reader out there that supports so many eBook formats and does not support DRM.

Silly sign of the day:

Free/Open Source Software

“It’s Mine, and You Have to Pay (and Pay and Pay) For It”

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