Friday, 23 October, 2009

I will have a busy weekend. I will be going to the North Idaho Linux Users Group technical meeting on Saturday, and will be installing a large hard drive and a card reader in the un-dead computer on Sunday (that is, if its owner calls me about that).

I am still hooking things up in the GUI for dvd-slideshow, but here are a few images. When you open a new slideshow, you are presented with the Slideshow Settings dialog:

This is the main window. I have added some images and a few transition effects to it as a sample.

This dialog is used to create the transition effects. It can also add a background change and a titlebar to the slideshow.

I’m almost to the point where I have to write the code to save all this information in a text file and execute the text file with dvd-slideshow.

Silly sign of the day:

Free/Open Source Software

“It’s Mine, and You Have to Pay (and Pay and Pay) For It”

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