Tuesday, 17 March, 2009

I am working on the user setup dialog for my home program. This is a major departure from the original program, which had separate screens for entering coach and player information. This screen will allow entry of any user, including those who are not strictly involved and are just observers (think ‘parents’).

I am trying to decide how this dialog does its work. Do I do an auto-lookup to verify that someone has not been entered earlier? Is address information mandatory? Do I allow more than one address to be entered on this screen? Lots of questions and not many answers at this point.

As you may know, I am doing this development in a virtual machine environment (Windows 2000 Professional and Delphi). It is working out pretty well, except for the fact the VM is fairly new and doesn’t contain all the tools I usually have in a development environment. I’m getting there with those tools, though. Every time I miss a tool, I end up downloading and installing it, so eventually I will have everything I need.

I need to institute a backup schedule for this VM, since I would have to start completely over if the VM were damaged or lost. I will back it up to separate network attached storage, either the NSLU2 or MyBook.

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