Tuesday, 3 June, 2008

I had a choice last night of searching for news articles for this blog, or working on my Plymouth. I chose to work on the car.

The Service manual for the car lists a lot of special tools you are supposed to need to work on it. Like a steering wheel tool and a tool to remove and install door handles. I bought an $11 universal steering wheel puller and a small punch, and both of those special tool jobs were covered.

I am close to having the steering wheel ready for the epoxy treatment. The epoxy I will use is called PC-7 and it’s more like a paste than the slow running epoxy I have used before. It can be molded and its set time is measured in hours instead of minutes. I will take before, during and after pictures of the wheel and display them here when I get to the point of applying the epoxy.

I am working my way through a book called Eclipse Distilled. It describes how to use the Eclipse IDE when creating Java programs. I have already been using Eclipse for a while now, but the book will help me understand what Eclipse can do and will help me find better ways to use it to help me in my job.

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