Monday, 19 May, 2008

I had no trouble at all installing Debian Linux on the computer that already contains Vector Linux and Linux Mint. It slipped right in just like the others. On the other hand, I downloaded a fresh copy of Foresight Linux and it still would not install on that box. At this late date, it seems that some distros still have problems with some computers.

The computer in question is not unusual. It is an AMD Athlon 64 box with an ASUS motherboard and an NVidia video card. No other Linux distro seems to object to that combination, but Foresight Linux still can’t find the image of itself on that box’s DVD drive. I will no longer attempt to install it.

I finished the outline for the Dutch oven seminar, and emailed to my co-presenter. I am waiting for any comments he has on the outline. I hope that I have covered all the necessary topics. We really needed an outline, as the last two times we presented the information, we were just kind of winging it.

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