Monday, 31 March, 2008

The problem I was having with backing up my web site has been traced down to my router. The router went completely belly-up Saturday morning, so I bought a new one. This one is a D-Link wireless N router and it really works well. The intermittent problem I have been having with ftp for the past 6 months or so is gone. I am a happy camper.

Ubuntu 8.04 Beta required upgrades for 101 more packages. It seems to be working fine. The only extras I have added so far is VLC and some codecs to let me play DVDs.

Ten inches of snow fell over the weekend. I used my truck to get in and out, but I needed to put the plow back on it to move so much snow. So on Saturday, I pulled the car out of the garage to get at the plow, and the car got stuck in the snow (it only has three or four inches of clearance). I couldn’t get the truck around the car to hook up the plow.

I shoveled the snow away from the car and let it sit all day Sunday. Some of the snow melted during that time, so I could finally pull the car back out of the way. I hooked up the plow and can now get the car back up on the county road. Lot of work, though. It really isn’t supposed to snow on the 29th of March.

I’ve been having some problems with my cell phone. The display on the front started combining two pictures into one, which was annoying. I tried to restart it by pulling the battery and starting over, but that didn’t work. On Saturday morning, it told me the time was 6:30pm, Friday, so I took it back to Verizon. Since it was under warranty, they just replaced the entire phone. Why couldn’t they have upgraded the firmware, instead? Ain’t technology wonderful?

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