Thursday, 15 March, 2007

I did some more computer maintenance for Betty Z last weekend, and as part of that, I told her I would get one of her computers running again. I brought it home with me with that in mind.

I hooked it up and first thing was to open it and clean it out. Compressed air works great for that. This computer has 5 fans, 5 hard drives, two ROM drives and a dual processor motherboard with 3 fans on it, so it took a while to clean all the fans. After cleaning, I checked the cables. Everything seemed to be fine, so I turned it on.

The machine just sat there. I checked the keyboard, and it acted like it wasn’t connected. I checked the mouse, and the optics were turned off. As I was sitting there scratching my head, the keyboard flashed on, the mouse optics turned on, the display started up and the computer booted up. Nothing wrong that a good cleaning didn’t fix.

I guess the moral to this is: give your hardware plenty of time to make up its mind whether or not it wants to work. I’ll be taking the machine back this coming weekend.

I have ordered a new brake master cylinder and windshield wipers for the ’52 Plymouth. Thank you, Internet, for providing great places to order parts I could never purchase locally.

I have managed to pick up six of the missing Shadow stories from 1944 to 1946. that leaves only one story I was unable to find, out of 321.I have added those to the web site. That leaves just six more stories to convert and I’ll be done.

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