Monday, 29 January, 2007

Normally, I keep track of my audio CDs on a spreadsheet. This weekend, I decided to transfer all that information over to the Tellico Collection Manager. Tellico can handle all kinds of collections. I already use it to keep track of my Videos.

I started adding items from the spreadsheet, one at a time, by hand. I did about 60 of them and decided it would take me forever to finish, since I have 1,456 CDs. So I tried another tactic. Tellico has an import capability, and one of the formats it can read is CSV (comma separated values). I decided that would be perfect, as most spreadsheet programs can export to something like that.

Unfortunately, the spreadsheet program can’t export to CSV. It can export to DIF, though, so that’s what I did. I then moved the DIF file over to a Windows system so I could use the macro capabilities of a text editor I wrote to change the DIF format into CSV. That was very straightforward, and I ended up with a CSV, which I then imported into Tellico.

All this activity took me a bit less than an hour. I now have all my CDs in Tellico, but I’m not finished. I couldn’t bring over my album ratings, so I have to go into each Tellico item and add the rating. Now THAT will take a while. At the end of this all, I will have an easily-maintainable record of what CDs I already have.

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